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We are so enthusiastic about our hometown of San Vigilio in the iconic Dolomites and about all the great activities that can be experienced here - we really want you to be part of it! Be it a relaxing day in a wellness haven, a summer day on the small beach of Ciamaor or a tandem flight. The list endless - there is just so much to experience.

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Our favourite bakery

It doesn't matter whether it's fresh rolls for breakfast, a nice apple strudel in the afternoon or Schüttelbrot (South Tyrolean crisp flatbread) for a snack in between - we can recommend everything from our favourite bakery. Be sure to pay a visit to the café with its delicious cakes.

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Our insider tip for wine connoisseurs

Do you like wine? If so, we’d recommend paying a visit to Carlo in the La Majun gourmet wine hotel in La Villa. It’s mainly locals who meet here for an aperitif or to enjoy some wine.

Spiaggetta Ciamaor
A relaxing experience for families

The little beach of Ciamaor along the San Vigilio brook entices with its beautiful stretches of beach and clear, pure water from the 40 "les fontanes" springs in the Fanes Nature Park.

Guided hike through the art park

Enjoy art in tranquil surroundings and find your own inner peace. Here you can either take part in a group tour or book an exclusive 2 hour tour with an official SMACH guide.

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Hike stopping off at a cosy gourmet inn with a view

On this wonderful 2.5 hour hike through the Puez-Odle Nature Park, not only is the journey the reward, but also the rustic Ütia Ciampcios mountain hut with its typical Ladin cuisine including delicious homemade dishes conjured up solely using local products sourced from nearby farms, forests and meadows.

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The sky is the limit!

Enjoy a bird's eye view of the iconic Dolomites and the boundless feeling of freedom and pure exhilaration. You don't need any previous experience - just a pair of sturdy shoes and warm clothing. You can leave everything else to your tandem pilot!

On skis in winter and on bikes in summer

We are not exaggerating when we talk about a unique biking experience in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ostaria Posta
Wine tasting at the Cianò dal Vin

This traditional restaurant is located in San Martino in Badia and is characterised not only by its delicious cuisine, but also by its in-house wine expertise.

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A relaxing treat in both summer and winter

Since Villa Melitta does not have its own sauna or pool, we are happy to recommend this swimming pool and sauna in Brunico.

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Hike to the highest brewery in Europe, 3 hours

The Lavarella hut in San Vigilio is in a fantastic location in the middle of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park.

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How about ordering pizza today?

There's something about having someone else cook for you on holiday, isn't there? How about a crispy pizza or a juicy Aberdeen Angus burger enjoyed from the comfort of your own sofa?

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Gourmet dining at its best

Discover one of the most sensational ski huts in Alta Badia and experience fine dining on the Piz Boé at an altitude of 2,200m - a breathtaking ambience between heaven and earth.

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Renowned meat dishes

This tip is aimed at all those who appreciate good quality meat prepared to a high standard. Let chef Lois explain how he prepares his meat specialities - this will top off your visit to the restaurant.

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